Projects / Publications

The Institute’s projects will focus on the following lines of research:

Data Science:

• Technologies of massive treatment of the Information (Big Data).

• Data Mining.

• Game Theory.

• Statistical methods.

• Decision theory and Bayesian analysis.

• Behavioral analysis.

• Search of anomalies.

• Prediction.

• Cloud-based platforms.

Complex networks:

• Complex networks.

• Learning based on complex networks.

• Networks and co-evolution.

• Multilayer networks.

• Temporary networks.

• Complex networks: Prediction and recommenders.

Business management and legislation:

• New technologies and innovation applied to DCNC sciences and machine learning.

• Specific methodologies for the development of business products based on the interrelationship between data, complex networks and cybersecurity

• Fraud and Security Business Information Governance.

• Creation of companies in the cloud.

• Internationalization of enterprises.

• Cybersecurity and privacy crimes.

• Data Anonymization.

• International data sharing.

Machine Learning:

• Supervised machine learning.

• Unsupervised machine learning.

• Neural networks.

• Parenclitic networks.

Data Science:

• Tools and methods of attack and defense.

• Intentional risk.

• Risk analysis methods and tools.

• Cryptography.

• Information Systems Entropy.

• Detection of anomalies in systems and their use.

The results of the research activities of the Technological Institute for Data, Complex Networks and Cybersecurity Sciences (DCNCSciences) will be measured through the usual indicators for the evaluation of scientific activity (publication of articles in journals, prestigious conferences, number of citations, etc). They will also be reflected in the level of participation of their members in research projects and other scientific initiatives. The results of the research training activities will be reflected in doctoral theses and dissertations.