From left to right: Regino Criado (Director of the DCNC Sciences Institute), Miguel Romance del Río (Deputy Director of the DCNC Sciences Institute), Javier Ramos (Rector of the URJC), Santiago Moral (Director of the DCNC Sciences Institute) and Francisco Ginel (Professor of the DCNC Sciences Institute)

Madrid, 25 March 2019. This Saturday ended the first module of the Master Data, Complex Networks and Cybersecurity Sciences, «Learning Path: Cybersecurity Fundamentals», with which 26 students have been able to become familiar with the world and the concepts of cybersecurity over a month and a half, 48 teaching hours. During the event, Javier Ramos, Rector of the University Rey Juan Carlos, gave the class «Brief introduction to data science through its application to Health».

Both the Rector of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Javier Ramos, and the Directors of the Master, Regino Criado and Santiago Moral, have highlighted the great interest generated by the Master and the satisfaction of the students with the training received. In this

regard, they stated: «the results have far exceeded our expectations. We are satisfied, not only because of the number of students who have decided to enrol, but also because of their deep interest in the subject and their good evaluation of the class system and contents».

The master’s degree has the collaboration of GMV, MNEMO, S2 Grupo, Innotec, BOTECH FPI and SIA, all leading companies in the cybersecurity sector.

Javier Ramos (Rector of the URJC) giving the master class «Brief introduction to data science through its application to health», prior to the closing of the course.

Next training: introduction to Python

For those who want to continue their education, the second module of the master’s degree, «Learning Path: Introduction to Python», will begin in May to train students in one of the most popular programming languages among cybersecurity professionals today.