We welcome S2GRUPO and GRUPO SIA who together with BOTECH FPI, MNEMO, GMV and INNOTEC have given us their confidence to train their staff.

This is a national reference company in the field of cyber security and cyber intelligence, which has developed the only national cyber defence tools, making a very important contribution to the development of technologies that allow the public administration and strategic companies to better defend themselves against cyber threats.

Among the cybersecurity solutions it offers its Security Operations Center (SOC), an Industrial Security Operations Center (iSOC) and an Operations Center (NOC) that provide services to companies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

SIA Group is an international company of Spanish origin, founded in 1989, dedicated to offering solutions and services in the area of Corporate Information Technology. Its value is based on specialization and a culture of dedication to its clients. SIA has more than 600 professionals and offices in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, A Coruña) and Portugal (Lisbon, Oporto).

Since the beginning of 2004, with the acquisition of the Portuguese company CESCE SI, leader in Data Storage solutions, SIA Group has become one of the leading companies in the Iberian IT market, with a great team of professionals at the service of its clients.