DCNC Sciences arrives to solve the lack of training in Artificial Intelligence applied to Cybersecurity.

The year ends and brings with it great news for the cybersecurity sector: the launch of the Technological Institute for Data, Complex Networks & Cybersecurity Sciences.

 Handling huge amounts of data and cyber security is becoming more and more common in the most relevant sectors of our society.  Terms such as Big data and Data Science are becoming more and more common and, more importantly, it is necessary to understand them and know how to apply them in order to avoid serious security problems.

 The digital transformation is advancing at great speed and, at present, the weight of the digital market and of the sector dedicated to information security and data analysis in Spain, both from a social, political and economic point of view, is something totally indisputable and beyond all doubt.  The Technological Institute for Data, Complex Networks & Cybersecurity Sciences, or DCNC Sciences, was created to give continuity and a greater role to the training in cybersecurity that had been given intermittently from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in recent years. A deepening that starts from the heritage of years of research and dissemination on issues of cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and complex networks in which we have organized since 2011, among others, a course every summer within the framework of the URJC Summer Courses, dedicated specially

to the application of mathematics to cybersecurity, and giving more than 40 lectures in these years and culminating this year with an international event of first level that has been the organization in Madrid of the 15th Experimental Chaos and Complexity Conference.

 This is a highly demanded training and with a very reduced offer that has a double objective: to train the youngest ones that start in this world to be able to focus on the areas where cyber security and massive data converge; and, on the other hand, to favor the «recycling» of the most veteran ones so that they can access and be trained in new techniques and technologies adding this way a plus to their demonstrated experience of years in the sector.

 Cybersecurity training with an innovative online and face-to-face approach

 The training will have a new format imported from the United States and which is giving some really remarkable results: it will be classroom-based and online at the same time.  This does not mean that certain hours of the master will be done from home, but rather that in the classroom itself videos will be shown with practical exercises, conferences and relevant topics for each part of the programme.  All of this will be supervised by a teacher who is an expert in the subject and who will attend to the visualization and resolve doubts of the students in addition to carrying out practical exercises with them to reinforce this knowledge.  Part of these practical exercises will be raised by companies so it will serve to test their current problems to students and then incorporate the most prominent to their templates.

Master in Data, Complex Network & Cybersecurity

The Master in Data, Complex Network & Cybersecurity (www.master-dcncsciences.com), with a total of 600 teaching hours, will be the star training of DCNC Sciences and will be divided into 5 training modules.  The modules will be:

 Module 1. Introductory course: CYBERSECURITY FUNDAMENTALS.  (48 teaching hours)

 Module 2. Introductory course: INTRODUCTION TO PYTHON.  (48 teaching hours)




 The first module, Cybersecurity Fundamental, will be taught from February and, with a duration of 48 hours, will have an ‘executive’ schedule and will take place on Friday afternoons (from 4 to 8 p.m.) and Saturday mornings (from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.), thus facilitating access to students without interrupting their working hours.

The module, which will cost 500 euros, will require a minimum attendance of 85%, and will consist of the following subjects

Threats to Security


AAA Security

Protecting Your Network

Defense in Depth

Corporate Culture for Security A cast of top level experts such as Santiago Moral, Regino Criado, Miguel Romance and Francisco Ginel will be behind its organization and delivery.

We are facing a sector, cyber security, with a great shortage of courses and training but a scenario in which incidents are increasingly numerous and put organizations in serious trouble. The lack of professionals in this sector is well known within the sector and causes a high turnover due to its scarcity, something that we hope to begin to mitigate through these trainings given by experts in the sector who know the needs of cybersecurity personnel in today’s organizations. The Technological Institute for Data, Complex Networks & Cybersecurity Sciences has a large group of professors and researchers from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, as well as professional experts with proven experience and specialized training in the field of data science, complex network analysis, cybersecurity and machine learning that allow it to successfully address this training proposal.

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