Cybersecurity expert: a profession that does not know unemployment  DCNCS Announcements June 24, 2019   In a society where it is increasingly difficult to find a job, DCNC Sciences provides you with the training you need for a job where there is currently no unemployment: cybersecurity expert.   Did you know that 350,000 cybersecurity professionals will be needed in Europe by 2022? And if we look at this figure worldwide, the figure exceeds 6 zeros. You have time to train in a #profession with #zero-zero. More and more #security incidents are putting companies in serious trouble   Companies are literally on the hunt for the cybersecurity expert. The incredible demand, compared to the few professionals who are trained in this field, means that there is great competition between companies to sign the best, which causes a very high turnover in the sector.   The digital transformation is advancing at great speed and, at present, the weight of the digital market and of the sector dedicated to information security and data analysis in Spain, both from a social, political and economic point of view, is something totally indisputable and beyond all doubt.   The volume of data handled by organizations has grown at a dizzying rate in recent years and has generated a need: that of understanding, interpreting and knowing how to apply it to avoid serious cybersecurity problems. All this has made terms like Big Data and Data Science become more and more common in management boards.   Master in Data, Complex Network & Cybersecurity: training in cybersecurity that will take you straight to the job market The Master in Data, Complex Network & Cybersecurity , which will start in September, will be the star formation of DCNC Sciences.   A highly demanded training with a very reduced offer that has a double objective:   To train young people who are starting out in this world to be able to focus on the areas where cyber security and mass data converge. Favouring the ‘recycling’ of older people so that they can access and be trained in new techniques and technologies, thus adding to their proven experience of years in the sector. The Master’s will last 10 months, from September to June, with a total of 60 credits (600 hours), and will be taught in two modalities:   Executive: It will be taught at the URJC campus in the Plaza de Manuel Becerra 14, on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings. During the week: It will be given at the URJC campus in Fuenlabrada, from Monday to Thursday, from 4 to 8 pm.   Cybersecurity training with an innovative online and face-to-face approach The training will have a new format imported from the United States and that is giving some really remarkable results: it will be face to face and online at the same time. This does not mean that certain hours of the master will be done from home, but rather that in the classroom itself videos will be shown with practical exercises, conferences and relevant topics for each part of the programme. All of this will be supervised by a teacher who is an expert in the subject and who will attend to the visualization and resolve doubts of the students in addition to carrying out practical exercises with them to reinforce this knowledge. Part of these practical exercises will be raised by companies so it will serve to test their current problems to students and then incorporate the most prominent to their teams.   A cast of top level experts such as Santiago Moral, Regino Criado, Miguel Romance, Sergio Iglesias, Alejandro José García, David González, Ángel Sánchez and Francisco Ginel are behind its organization and delivery.   Take a look at our website here and solve all your doubts.   Do not wait any longer to make your prescription because, as we said, the places are limited and are being covered quickly  
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